Experience the power within

The primary purpose of Aikido is to improve one’s character through sincere martial arts training. Aikido is a life long study of refinement of the body, mind, and spirit. Experience “the power within.”

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Transform your life

The practice of Aikido is the practice of our daily lives. Aikido is a path to transform one’s life. Benefit of martial arts training is more than physical training. Be the best that you can be.

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Create Harmony

The key essence of Aikido is to create harmony. Aikido differs from most other martial arts in that the practitioner seeks to achieve self-defense without injury to attackers. Find “the way of harmony.”

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Meet Our Instructors

We have some of the most highly trained, and gifted instructors teach at Aikido of Denver. Our Instructors have spent many years devoted to training in martial arts.

Our Programs

We offers martial arts training for beginners, intermediate level, and advanced students of all ages and Japanese cultural programs for adults and children.

Our Dojo

We have been offering instruction and training in Aikido since 2004. Our dojo members are made up of a diverse group of kind and open-minded friendly students.

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If you haven’t practiced martial arts before… don’t worry! New people are always joining class and you will find that you are very comfortable and fit in right away.